Papers indexed in the ISI Web of Science

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Papers in peer-reviewed collections

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Popular collection

  1. Soomere T. 2017. Truudus Eestile (A collection of essays on science policy). Argo, Tallinn, 319 pp.

Popular science and science policy

  1. Soomere T. 2017. Milleks meile juuniorakadeemikud? (Why do we need Young Academy?) Postimees (daily newspaper The Postman), 4(7905), 06.01.2017, 14 (in Estonian).
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  3. Soomere T. 2017. Akadeemik, kes õpib kaladelt (Academician who learns from fishes), kommentaar akadeemik Maarja Kruusmaa persooniloo juurde, Mente et Manu (monthly issued by Tallinn University of Technology), 1, January 2017, 16,
  4. Soomere T. 2017. Uudishimu kui vaktsiin tõepõhjata poliitika vastu (Science curiosity helps to override post-truth politics). Postimees, 64(7965), 18.03.2017, Arvamus. Kultuur, 419, 8.
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  7. Soomere T. 2017. Tippteadus vs. tõepõhjatu ajastu (Cutting edge science in the post-truth time) [Eesti teaduste akadeemia aastaraamatu 2016 saatesõna]. Õpetajate Leht (Teacher’s Weekly), 13.04.2017.
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  14. Soomere T. 2017. Tarmo Soomere kolme rektori kokkuleppest: sellised probleemid tekivad vältimatult (About joint declaration of the rectors of three leading universities: such problems are inevitable), Postimees Online, (, 08.12.2017, at 13.22
  15. Soomere T. 2017. See, kuidas otsustame, mis on hea teadus, on sama tähtis kui hea teadus ise (The way of deciding what is good science is exactly as important as good science itself). Postimees, 288(8189), 09.12.2017, Arvamus. Kultuur, 448, 7.